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Everything at Palmuasema starts with me, from my experiences, my dreams and my motto that courage should never prevent one from travelling

Hi, I’m Sanna, the blogger behind Palmuasema. I’m an easily excitable thirty-something living in Finland, although I’m constantly on the move and enjoying the opportunities the world has to offer. Due to a rare muscle condition called SMA, I’ve never been able to walk and I require another person’s help to go about my daily life. My electric wheelchair is a part of me, the wheels that provide me with the opportunity to wheel around the beaches of the world. I’m disabled, but I’m also a Bachelor of Social Services, a travel agent, a tour guide, a writer, an instructor, a sister, a member of a footballing family, a friend, and a dog owner. I love warm weather, the sun and being in awe with the beautiful moments life has to offer.

Puma 40

Puma 40 is my trusted electric wheelchair – It’s there with me in my everyday life, as well as celebrations and my travels. The wheelchair, together with my personal carers, allows me to live the kind of life that I want. Puma is 67cm wide and with the leg rests attached around 120cm long. It flies with me and it has gone around the world with me.

The Palmuasema travel blog – Finland’s favourite place for accessible travel information

The Palmuasema travel blog started in spring 2011 when I become frustrated about the lack of information available in regards to accessible travel. It started small but quickly it grew from a modest blog to a comprehensive information portal, becoming the key place in Finland to find inspiration, information and accessible travel packages for many, mainly mobility, disabled travellers. At Palmuasema, the world is full of opportunities for all travellers and each destination is viewed through the eyes of a person with mobility limitations in a positive, but realistic, manner. The blog has information on all the places I’ve visited in the past ten years as well as general information regarding things like assisted flying, finding accommodation for the disabled, having a carer with you on your travels and hiring carers for your trips. In autumn 2016, I also realised my lifelong dream when I spent two months travelling around the world. Unfortunately, the blog and the information packages are currently only available in Finnish.

More than just a travel blog

Palmuasema is more than just a travel blog – it’s also the name of my consultation business. I love talking about accessible travel and training travel professionals and students, along with other tourism experts about the complexities of this industry. I can also provide talks and consultation on different themes around disability and finding your own strengths. My own experiences, together with my work experience and my excitable style of performing have received plenty of positive feedback and recognition. I offer my expertise to all sorts of projects and programs aimed at improving accessibility in travel and tourism as a whole. I can also provide interviews and I’m used to dealing with media. I can also do product and destination testing and my blog includes plenty of accessibility reviews of different things. My working and writing style reflects my take on life: I’m a realist who always focuses on the positives first. I hope to share this attitude with everyone I meet as well. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact me and let’s discuss different partnering opportunities together. My previous partnerships have included FinnairRoyal Caribbean International, The German National Tourist Board, Tallink Silja, and Rock and Lake.

And thank you for visiting! Your visit and support help me keep this journey going.

With love,


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